PPG Is Speakman

In 1869, Allen and Joseph Speakman opened a small plumbing workshop in Wilmington, Delaware. Devoted to their craft, they would go on to create the world’s first adjustable shower head, the Anystream Shower Head, introduced in 1927.

With the turn of a lever, the Anystream Shower Head effortlessly allows users to change the shower head’s spray settings to the stream of their choice, thus the name. Whether that be an invigorating massage spray to wake you up in the morning, a gentle rinse created to replicate a relaxing rain shower, or a heavy soak designed to drench every inch of your existence.

The Anystream Shower Head, advertised in a series of National Geographic ads run in the 1930s, helped to change the way America thought of showers, popularizing the “shower bath”, as it was called, over the traditional soak in the bathtub.

As showers and Speakman shower heads became more popular in the home, the Anystream shower head became a regular fixture in hotels around the globe, due in large part to its self-cleaning capabilities. To this day, Speakman shower heads continue to be utilized and beloved by resorts all over the world. If you’ve taken a shower in a hotel, you’ve most likely already used a Speakman shower head.

With patents for more than a hundred designs, Speakman continues to pioneer innovations not just for showers but faucets, emergency safety equipment, and more.

Though Speakman isn’t only about performance. Architects and designers have used and worked with Speakman to create simple, beautiful, elegant designs that stand out in any bathroom.

Award-winning designer, Clodagh, joined forces with Speakman to create the Lura Collection, an assortment of classic bathroom fixtures featuring a modern twist. Minimal and industrial design comes together to create crisp lines and pronounced curves that are ideal for traditional home bathrooms and contemporary commercial restrooms alike.

Renowned hotel and resort designer, Roger Thomas, teamed up with Speakman to produce the Vector Collection, an assemblage of modern bathroom fixtures that guide the eye throughout the lavatory to create a visual experience that’s enticing at every angle.

With more than a century and a half under its belt, the Speakman Company continues to build upon its expertise in showering while releasing new products for the entire bathroom, including new eco-friendly products, as well as the kitchen.

Only recently, Speakman adapted its touchless technology utilized in commercial bathrooms for the home with the release of the Speakman Sensor Kitchen Faucets. In today’s world, hygiene and safety are more important than ever. Touchless sensor faucets are an easy way to add some peace of mind when it comes to preventing the spread of germs.

However, this is not Speakman’s first foray into safety and peace of mind. Since 1869, Speakman has been designing emergency equipment that delivers superior performance, ensuring a safe facility as well as 100% ANSI and OSHA compliance.

Like Speakman’s emergency showers, rigorously tested to deliver a drenching barrage of water in the event of a crisis.

Or Speakman’s patented dual waterway EyeSaver eyewash, celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. With tens of thousands of people experiencing work-related eye injuries every year, emergency eyewash stations play a critical role in any work facility where chemicals are handled or stored. The Speakman Eyesaver is the original patented eyewash and faucet combination with dual waterways that easily installs on an existing sink. It incorporates two separate water channels in the faucet body, one for the eyewash and the other for the faucet. When combined with a thermostatic mixing valve, this dual design ensures that the integrated eyewash delivers a consistently safe, tepid water temperature when flushing the eyes while Speakman’s signature Optimus aerated spray creates a gentle cleansing experience for the affected eye area.

Whether it’s lifesaving emergency equipment, beautiful bathroom products built to last, or the best-in-class shower head, Speakman invites you to explore our diverse assortment of fixtures and products perfectly engineered for performance and style.

PPG Is Wolverine Brass

In 1896, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a company was founded inside a small two-story wood-frame building. It began by engineering and producing the highest quality brass fittings, made largely by hand, and selling them directly from the factory to the plumbers and contractors, a business model it still follows to this day.

125 years later, that tradition of excellence continues with the Professional Plumbing Group’s proprietary brand, Wolverine Brass. Bringing to market high-quality, professional-grade plumbing products that are built to last. Wolverine Brass takes pride in their workmanship and is known for their superior faucets, toilets, valves, and other specialty products. The entire Wolverine Brass line is exclusively available from PlumbMaster.

By making PlumbMaster the exclusive distributor of Wolverine Brass, they can guarantee a better price than what can be bought in the retail market, ensuring the professional plumber gets only top-quality material at an affordable cost.

In addition to placing orders on PlumbMaster.com, Wolverine Brass employs district managers located throughout the United States to provide service to its contract customers.

PPG Is PlumbMaster

In 1924, industry leaders P&M Manufacturing and the Creed Company came together to form PlumbMaster, a plumbing parts distributor with expert professional plumbing insight. PlumbMaster strives to be a source of information for the industry while featuring more than 25,000 products sold on www.PlumbMaster.com.

Distributing professional products from the brands trusted by plumbers and contractors alike, PlumbMaster brands include the iconic restroom products of American Standard,  Moen, and the traditional Delta products that homeowners have come to rely upon. Touchless technology staples can be found with Bobrick, Halsey Taylor, Chicago Faucets, Sloan, Speakman, and more.  We also connect industry professionals with modern accessibility technology like Honeywell HVAC products, Rinnai tankless water heaters, and Milwaukee tools.

Along with these brands, PlumbMaster is also the exclusive distributor of Wolverine Brass. Trusted by professional plumbers since 1896, Wolverine Brass specializes in the highest quality of products for plumbing professionals, such as the Wolverine Brass Essence kitchen faucet, Wolverine Brass sillcock, Wolverine Brass elongated toilet, and other specialty products.

With our PlumbMaster Pro Pricing Program, we work with plumbers and trade professionals to ensure they get the best prices possible on these products, meaning bigger profits for small businesses. PlumbMaster has also begun working with a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform to help identify the products businesses use and need most. Once identified, PlumbMaster helps businesses save time by automatically re-ordering the needed products before businesses even realize they need them.

Our commitment to serving businesses of all sizes leads the efforts behind our Professional Inventory Program and our much-loved Rewards On Tap Program.

With PlumbMaster’s Professional Inventory Program (Pro-IP), we partner with companies to assist in increasing productivity and helping businesses grow. This includes reduced costs on PlumbMaster products as well as exclusive product promotions, free ground shipping and handling, stock room organization, and free customized branding.

Pro-IP also features the Pro-Tech Program which is ideal for those businesses looking for a consultative approach to plumbing enterprises that are truck and technician based. The Pro-Tech Program assists with ordering products, organizing trucks, and better business branding.

All members of our Professional Inventory Program earn points for their purchases with our Rewards On Tap Program. These points can be redeemed for sporting events, concerts, theater, travel expenses, gift cards, gear, and more. PlumbMaster even has a Name Your Own Reward feature, allowing you to submit a quote for anything not listed in the Rewards on Tap catalog.

Aside from our featured products and rewards, PlumbMaster’s Special Services department helps businesses save valuable time and money by assisting in locating hard-to-find parts that aren’t widely stocked but that are sometimes necessary to finish a job. Simply send a picture of the part, measurements, and information of how the part is used and Special Services will email you with the product description and pricing within 48 hours, allowing you to immediately place an order.

Serving contractors in residential plumbing, healthcare, education, and hospitality, PlumbMaster is built on the promise of expert service to supply all the repair parts and replacement products for you to serve your customer. With our best quality products and fast and friendly customer support, it isn’t hard to see why PlumbMaster is the professional plumber’s choice.

PPG Is 370 Years Combined Experience

In 1869, Allen and Joseph Speakman opened a small plumbing workshop in Wilmington, Delaware. Devoted to their craft, they would go on to create the world’s first adjustable shower head, changing the way America thought of showers, and earning more than a hundred patents for the design and innovation of showerheads, faucets, emergency equipment, and more. With more than a century and a half under its belt, the Speakman Company continues to build upon its expertise in showering while releasing new products for the entire bathroom, including new eco-friendly products, all while remaining one of the most trusted brands by hotels, architects, designers, and homeowners around the globe.

In 1896, only 27 years later, Wolverine Brass was founded inside a small two-story wood-frame building in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wolverine Brass began by engineering and producing the highest quality brass fittings, made largely by hand, sold direct from the factory to plumbers. To this day, 125 years later, Wolverine Brass works to produce superior faucets, toilets, valves, and other specialty products for its exclusive distributor, PlumbMaster.

In 1924, industry leaders P&M Manufacturing and the Creed Company came together to form PlumbMaster, a plumbing parts distributor with expert professional plumbing insight. PlumbMaster features more than 25,000 products sold on PlumbMaster.com and strives to be a source of information for the professional plumbing industry. With our proven plumbing proficiency, inventory program, competitive pricing, and expertise in locating hard-to-find parts, PlumbMaster has been able to deliver unmatched service for all the brands you trust and rely upon for the past 97 years.

While each of our brands is distinct in its customer base and service offering, all three are housed under the umbrella of the Professional Plumbing Group (PPG).  PPG designs, engineers, markets, and distributes plumbing products across every channel of the professional plumbing industry.

PPG is the Professional Plumbing Group.

And PPG is the Speakman Company, offering the best-in-class shower head and Speakman safety products for 152 years.

PPG is 125 years of Wolverine Brass shower valves, Wolverine Brass kitchen faucets, and hundreds of other top-quality Wolverine Brass parts.

And PPG is the many PlumbMaster catalogs and products of the past 97 years.

PPG is over 370 years of combined experience in plumbing.

And PPG is so much more.

International Day Of Women And Girls In Science: Barbara Lloyd

According to a study conducted by the United Nations, only 30% of scientific researchers worldwide are women with only 35% of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields being women.

The purpose of the International Day Of Women And Girls In Science is to recognize the critical role women and girls play in science and technology as well as to inspire future generations of women and girls to STEM fields while promoting full and equal access to the sciences for women and girls worldwide.

The Professional Plumbing Group (PPG) is dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in our workspaces as well as workspaces worldwide. This is why we mark this day by celebrating the amazing women utilizing the sciences in the PPG workspace.

We spoke with Senior CAD Technician, Barbara Lloyd, about her work at the Professional Plumbing Group and her relationship with the sciences:

What is your role at PPG?

My title is Senior CAD Technician. CAD is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Drafting.

Working with the Sustaining and NPD [New Product Development] Engineers, I create and revise the product drawings for Speakman and Wolverine Brass using the SolidWorks 3D CAD program.  Also, in my duties, I train new employees on certain engineering processes pertaining to drawing standards, naming standardization, product data management, and drawing releases.

Most of my time is spent working on drawings or creating 3D models. But there is a bit of research and data entry involved in a normal workday.

How does your job involve the sciences?

Technology plays a big part in my day. All the models and drawings are created on computers. You must have a good understanding of engineering to create the models and drawings, and mathematics to verify they are correct.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Creativity. I can take an object, measure it, [and] from those measurements create it as a 3D model through the SolidWorks program. It’s almost like playing a video game, you become so involved everything else is tuned out.

How did you get into this line of work? Is this something you always knew you wanted to do?

After 13 years working in a factory and getting nowhere, I took the advice of my husband and went back to trade school.  CADD, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, was the most intriguing option the school offered.  Never would I have thought I would be working in an Engineering Department as a Drafter.

Did you always have an interest in the sciences?

My interest in the sciences grew during my high school years with the growth of the space program. It was like watching science fiction. The thought of traveling to other planets, exploring for other signs of life. Just amazing.

Who are the women who inspired you?

My mother. She used to tell me, “You can be anything you want. But be a strong, independent woman, that can take care of herself.”

Sally Ride comes to mind.  She wasn’t the first female astronaut but the first one I saw travel to space.

Sally Ride was the youngest American astronaut to travel to space and the first American woman in space. Ride became a champion of science and education, especially for young girls, inspiring young people to study science and imagine themselves in science and technology careers.

What advice would you give to women and girls considering a career in your career path or the sciences in general?

It will help to have strong math skills and a good understanding of computers. It is not hard and does not take a long time to become a CAD Operator/Technician. It can be completed in as little as 6 months. If you wish to go further with your education and become an Engineer, the skills taught in any CADD class will be a big plus and show in your skills as an Engineer.

Good luck and remember, “You can be anything you want. But be a strong, independent young woman, that can take care of herself.”

The Professional Plumbing Group is an equal opportunity employer that strives to promote diversity and equality throughout their workspaces. Engineers and drafters at The Professional Plumbing Group work hard to bring innovative new plumbing products to market. Visit us at ppg-inc.com to apply for jobs in Engineering, Operations, Sales, and more.