100+ Historic Years

Providing customers with the highest quality plumbing product is our mission here at PPG. Since the 1800s, we have been manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of plumbing products. PPG is one of the last US manufacturers of tubular products and ball valves. In our South Carolina plant, we produce the finest US manufactured tubular products in the industry and assemble a large variety of other plumbing parts in all of our facilities. 

Brass Tubular

Our USA manufactured tubular product is processed from the highest quality brass tube in the industry. Our tubular product is transformed from raw tubular to finished product in two to fifteen steps, which includes operations such as cutting, threading, bending, brazing, testing, and finishing. The product is inspected prior to going through a 10 step chrome plating process where the product takes its final look.

Ceramic Disc Cartridges

In 1972 plant engineers developed the ceramic disc cartridge technology and to this day, the cartridges are still made in South Carolina. Our cartridge carries a 100-year drip-free warranty and is used in all our faucets. Additionally, every faucet is hand inspected and water tested to insure there are no leaks. Quality and customer needs are our top priority.